Matrix Collagen Wound Dressings
Collagen Matrix, Inc. has developed a complete, proprietary line of collagen-based wound care products under its Matrix Collagen Wound Dressing line. Matrix Collagen Wound Dressings are advanced wound care products that are designed to promote wound healing and stimulate new tissue development, cell adhesion and wound bed granulation.

Each primary dressing consists of intact, purified, type I collagen in its native triple helical structure specific for wound healing. Collagen-based wound care products are available in three easy applications:

Matrix Collagen Particles™ Wound Dressing
Matrix Collagen Sponge™ Wound Dressing

Matrix Collagen Film™ Wound Dressing

The products are indicated for the management of pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, acute wounds (trauma and surgical) and partial-thickness burns. They are ideal for moderate to heavily exudating wounds while maintaining a moist wound environment and ensuring complete wound bed coverage.

Matrix Collagen Dressings provide a physiologically favorable environment that encourages wound healing. When interacting with the wound fluid, the products immediately begin to absorb the exudates that may impair tissue regeneration. Matrix Collagen Dressings are applied directly to the secreting wound and protect the wound bed and delicate new tissue.