Contract Manufacturing · Collagen Matrix
Collagen Matrix is the driving force in the development and manufacturing of collagen and mineral based medical devices for tissue repair and regeneration.
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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our facilities host state-of-the-art class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) controlled environments for manufacturing and quality control laboratories.  We are registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer, our facilities are in compliance with GMP/QSR and are certified to ISO 13485.


With these controls in place and our experience in manufacturing medical devices, we can provide short- and long-term contract manufacturing services for a variety of medical markets.


Our capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing of Devices from Concept to Distribution
  • Assembly of Medical Devices and Kits
  • Packaging of Devices
  • Coating of Medical Devices


With our expertise and skilled work teams, we can make outsourcing a viable option for your company.