Collagen-Based Coatings · Collagen Matrix
Collagen Matrix is the driving force in the development and manufacturing of collagen and mineral based medical devices for tissue repair and regeneration.
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Collagen-Based Coatings

Collagen-Based Coatings

Collagen Matrix has developed proprietary methods for coating devices with type I collagen-based materials. A thin layer of uniform collagen-based material can be coated and stabilized onto metal and polymer-based devices of any geometry and surface morphology, including those devices with irregular geometries and/or small holes and crevasses. Collagen-based surface coating enhances osteointegration. The coating technology can be applied to stents, dental implants, coils and other implants. Drugs and/or other bioactive agents can be incorporated for elution at specific anatomic sites in the body.


The key advantage of a fully resorbable drug-eluting coating, for example, in stents, is that the coating only stays in vivo long enough to elute the drug in a desired period of time, eliminating any concern of long-term effects of exposure to coating components in the blood stream. In addition to selected drugs, Collagen Matrix’s coating incorporates heparin to improve the hemocompatability of the device while the coating is maintained. The coating does not alter the method of delivery or mechanical function of the device.


Two commonly used drugs in the field of anti-restenosis have been incorporated into Collagen Matrix’s coating for feasibility testing. The coating process has been developed to minimize the loss of drug during the incorporation step. The coated device has passed biocompatability testing. Collagen Matrix’s collagen material used for coating is currently being used clinically in other medical implant applications.
Coating with type I collagen-based material can:


  • Enhance the biological activity and biocompatibility of a device
  • Increase osteointegration
  • Improve the blood compatibility of a device
  • Elute drugs or other bioactive agents with therapeutic indications
  • Eliminate concerns of long-term exposure to the coating materials as it is resorbable with a controlled resorption time


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