Bill Messer · Collagen Matrix
Collagen Matrix is the driving force in the development and manufacturing of collagen and mineral based medical devices for tissue repair and regeneration.
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Bill Messer

Messer, Bill, VP S&M, Square Crop 8in Website


Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Bill joined Collagen Matrix in June 2016.  He is an accomplished Medical Device executive with over 20 years of marketing and leadership experience.  He has extensive experience with business development, marketing, sales force excellence, portfolio management, strategic planning, medical education and thought leader development.


Prior to joining Collagen Matrix, Bill held various Marketing and General Management roles with Biomet, a company specializing in products for total joint replacement, orthopedic fixation devices, dental implants, spinal implants, and biologics.  His most recent senior leadership roles for Biomet Spine were the Vice President of Marketing and the Vice President of Medical Education.  Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College.